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Fast, flexible news intelligence

It takes less than 4 minutes for a piece of news to spread across Online, TV and Radio. Streem's digital news infrastructure delivers mention alerts to your Desktop, Phone, Tablet and Inbox within a minute of publication or broadcast - the fastest in the market. Track competitors, produce reports, take news intelligence wherever you go with Australia's fast, flexible and trusted news intelligence platform.

*Based on analysis conducted by Streem on 1,087,524 Online & TV reports between 2/2015-01/2016.
Analysis measured the time taken for one media outlet to repeat a unique news story. **Based off internal comparative benchmarking.

What Streem can do for you:

News as it's published from hundreds of metro, regional and niche publications

Live TV news alerts and word-for-word transcripts as programs go to air

Major radio and interview tracking, including direct-to-clip links

Unlimited Keyword tracking, flexible filtering and Alert control

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile app access including Push Notifications to your phone

Realtime audience data to measure the public's live engagement in a story

Daily and on-demand PDF Reports, including story summaries and analysis

7 Day local support, on-call account management and 24/7 uptime


Streem delivers news from thousands of Online and Press sources within minutes of publication. Using Streem means knowing what was said, when and by who - instantly. In-platform news data includes word count, syndication, social performance, journalist/publisher information and live Front Page rankings.


Live Television mention alerts, on-demand Transcripts and instant-play video clips mean you can access monitored TV within minutes of broadcast. Fully automated and realtime in delivery, media is available for streaming and download as soon as programs go to air.


Access realtime radio monitoring Australia-wide with mention alerts and instant-play audio clips available within minutes of broadcast. Streem's realtime radio infrastructure keeps you at the edge of a story, mention or industry issue so you can hear exactly what was said: on-demand.

Audience Data

Streem has partnered with Australia's largest news and content producers to deliver realtime, quantifiable and industry-first audience data about the public's engagement in your media coverage. It means knowing your audience size, their location down to the postcode, the time of day they engage and the profile of your audience - all in realtime as your coverage is published.

Measure your media

Streem's industry-first audience data partnerships power insights into the audience of your media coverage. Streem is re-inventing media analysis and delivering actionable numbers that drive outcomes. We combine meaningful content analysis with industry-first audience data that enables you to measure the real impact of earned media.

Trusted by the industry

When News Corporation wanted to measure Australians' every day engagement with three big tax reforms, Streem delivered. Audience Data revealed a massive disconnect between the media's reporting of an issue and the audience's real engagement - with metro and regional segmentation, geographic impact and reader profiles. Streem's data is unique, industry-first and market leading - helping you to take informed action in the media. Read More

Bring Streem to
your organisation

Every day we monitor, analyse and deliver thousands of media reports to customers across government, corporate and social sectors. With realtime Online, TV and Radio coverage backed by industy-first audience measurement, Streem is the next step in news intelligence.


Elgar Welch Lead

Co-founding Streem in 2014, Elgar Welch leads Streem's growth across corporate and government media teams and publisher/broadcaster partnerships. With a background in media and a former adviser in the Prime Minister's Office, Elgar is supported by a full account management team and technical leadership.

Antoine Sabourin Technical Lead

Co-founding Streem in 2014 and leading the development of Streem's industry-first realtime media intelligence infrastructure, Antoine Sabourin manages the company's team of engineers focussed on Streem's live, automated news and information analysis backend - delivering customers speed, flexibility and accuracy.

Board & Advisors

Samuel Marks

Mr. Marks is the Managing Director of ASX-listed Vivid Technology and sits on the company's Board as a Non-Executive Director. He is also a Director of the charitable organisation The Melbourne Foundation.

Alan Robertson

Mr. Robertson is a Senior Partner at Kinesis Media and backed by a career leading Australia's largest advertising and marketing businesses. He sits on the company's Board as a Non-Executive Director.

Tony Davis

Mr. Davis is Chairman of the Big Data analytics business Quantium and also sits on the Board of charitable foundation The Smith Family

Andrew Lockwood

Mr. Lockwood's experience includes leading ad-tech business PostClick and working across Australia's media and communications industry.

Keith Forbes

Mr. Forbes is a highly experienced media intelligence executive, having led AAP's Media Analysis business.

Mark Hardy

Mr. Hardy is a founder and Director of the now Fairfax Media-owned Weatherzone, having a strong background in technology, data and analysis.

Eamonn Fitzpatrick

Mr. Fitzpatrick is among the country's highest profile communications and public affairs practitioners and has advised two Prime Ministers and multiple state Premiers.

Darren Burden

Mr Burden is a former head of Fairfax Media's Digital Projects Unit and is the CEO of transport logistics business Mizzen.

Graeme Samuel

Mr. Samuel is one of Australia's leading corporate executives with a background including as Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

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